Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter--Friends, Family and Fun

We had a wonderful Easter. After church we stepped outside to enjoy a delightful Easter Egg Hunt. Then at home we held one of our own for all the neighborhood children and then followed that with a delightful lunchner (is that what you call lunch and dinner together?) with neighbors, and traditional Easter Egg Roll. The kids went to bed exhausted but happy. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!

Danny and Benji strategize with pals from church before the Easter Egg hunt begins.

Alleluia! He is risen!

Back home. Let the games begin!

Susanne and Jo Ellen teamed to make an amazing banana bunny cake.

The boys' Nana catches a breath. These kids are full of energy.

Neighbors pose for a sweet pic.

Benji and Callagh get down to business watering basically everything in the back yard.

Danny and friends try their best to hit a piece of candy with their egg. A wonderful German tradition courtesy of Nana.

Welcome spring. You can stay ;-)

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