Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recent Ramblings on FB Relating to our Really Rowdy Rugrats...

April 12
Danny is definitely starting to pick up some Spanish in his immersion school, and loves to tell us when he hears the language being spoken around us. He cracked me up the other day though when he asked what language the Beatles were singing when "Obadi, Oblada, Life Goes On" came on the radio. I'm thinking Bob Dylan would really confuse him.

April 11
Our pediatrician’s office has a pretty cool basketball net right in the exam room, so Danny enjoyed playing while we waited the other day. When we were done and the doc left I said “okay buddy, just 3 shots and we’re out of here”. I couldn’t figure out why he got so upset. Turns out while I meant basketball shots, he thought I meant vaccinations. Was he ever happy when I clarified!

April 7
Embarrassing kid question #249--"What's that thing for?" Asked Danny when we hauled out our iron for a guest to use this morning. (Note, it was not embarrassing for him!)

April 5
Danny: "I don't like nuts." Susanne: "Sure you do. And they are good brain food--they'll make you smarter." Danny: "I already ARE smart Mama".

April 3
Dear Benjamin. Next time we see a stooped over older gentleman at the grocery store with coke bottle glasses pointing at something can you please refrain from excitedly yelling “ET!”? Going to cut you a break this time because you’re only 27 months old…

March 20
There are 13 “body parts” in the game Operation. This morning after the boys were done playing there were only 7. Wild searching ensued. I was beginning to fear our two year old had swallowed them when we asked yet again “where are the rest of the pieces boys?” Benji said “hind you”. Susanne was holding the game board and sure enough, behind it jammed into the battery area mechanism were the missing 6 pieces. What a great way to start the day.

March 17
(Posted by Susanne) Monica to Susanne: What are you going to get at T@get? Danny: A discount?

March 12
The adults proudly watched as our adorable one year old neighbor mounted our tricycle. "Benji, would you like to push him?" Would he ever! But instead of pushing him along for a ride, Benni sidled over and pushed the little guy to the ground! Two year olds are not only very literal, they are awfully possessive it turns out. (So sorry G & M!)

March 10
Homeward bound. My apologies in advance to the poor woman in 23A who will experience intermittent "foot percussion" in the small of her back for the next two hours.

March 8
"Paper, rock, scissors, shoot" "Ummmm..what is that Danny?" "Gun, I choose gun." "Well there are only three choices--paper, rock or scissors." "No gun? Then why do you keep saying shoot?"

March 7
"Here I am" is apparently not the proper response to "ready or not here I come!" The 2 year old versus 4 year old battle continues.

March 5
Having fun on vacation. Best part so far? Danny excitedly yelling "Guys! Look! A blond eagle!"

Feb 13
Last night Danny informed Susanne that she was the "rightest" mom when he realized she was correct about something he had doubted. Is it wrong for me to hope that this actually makes me the "leftist" mom? ;-)

Feb 12
The other night coming through the front door after work I exclaimed "something smells really good!" Without missing a beat Danny piped up "it isn't me."

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