Friday, November 03, 2006

Bizzarro World…

So this morning I woke up at 4:30 for no good reason and was suddenly inspired to start sanding and painting a few little spots left in the basement (something I’d meant to do for weeks) and a few other mundane chores that I usually never like doing. And all I could think about was clearing out guest room so we can paint that room and then begin the real transition to having an office/bedroom and new nursery. Yes, I suddenly realized I’m NESTING.

Now from what I’ve read, NESTING happens to pregnant women right before they give birth. So I ask myself…if I’m nesting now, I must be sort of empathizing with Susanne, but in reverse. So, in 7 or 8 months I’ll start having odd food cravings and aversions like she has now. Hmmm…

I can report that Su is doing fine. She’s feeling good but of course tired a lot. That’s definitely to be expected. Lucky for me I’m generally more of a sleepy head than Susanne so I've really liked that we’ve both been drifting off into dreamland a lot earlier than ususal most nights. Maybe we are like hibernating bears trying to hoard sleep. Rumor has it that sleep is a “bit” more hard to come by when the little one comes along. Oh gosh, I’ll be honest. I plan on kissing the idea of sleep goodbye once Junior makes his or her grand entrance in June (get it, Junior/June?)

We had a wonderful get together with our friends K&M last night. They are also a lesbian couple who is expecting and will have their baby about a month and a half before we do. They really are quite wonderful and we look forward to a long and happy friendship with them and their family.

Alrighty. Time to head over to meet Su and our friend L and his band of Merry Men for our favorite Friday Happy Hour. Hmmm… I feel a bit tired…wonder why? Oh right. 4:30 am.

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