Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Plugging along

Our trip back home from South Carolina after Thankgiving was no problem despite our concerns about traffic. We left at 5 in the morning for the 8 hour drive and were very psyched to see that the HOV lanes were open to northbound traffic as we hit DC. We basically never got stuck in stopped traffic once! That was cool.

Our cats have been on pretty good behavior we hear from my mother-in-law. Except for the knocked over flower vase and the furball. She thinks they miss us because they laid around and slept all day. We let her know that this is what they do. Sleep all day. I definitely want to be a cat in my next life.

Susanne is feeling fine. We'll be through week 11 soon and enter trimester 2 in a few days. She's not as tired as before but she definitely makes more trips to the bathroom. I guess our fig sized little one is exerting his or her right to space in Su's abdomen--bladder be damned right?

I'm up very early this morning because I had to send what I hope is a final draft of a voluntary agreement our neighborhood has been negotiating with a "coffee shop" that wants a liquor licence that will allow it to be open until 2 in the morning most nights and 3 in the morning on weekends. They've requested what's called a "tavern" license and to make a long story short we've been in negotiations with them for over 6 months over this thing. They insist there won't be any problems. It will be a calm, quiet and relaxing place. Our houses are steps away and we worry that it will be a late night watering hole. Or shall I say a late night rowdy watering hole? Anyway, we built in a provision to the agreement that will allow us to go back fairly quickly and protest the hours if there are disturbances to "peace, quiet and order".

I guess I feel like before that liquor license appeared it WAS peaceful and calm here and now it just seems like there has just been so much energy put into this. I agreed to represent the neighborhood because there is a part of me that will always be an advocate. The neighbors have been great helping, but I'm sick of all of this and hope to God that they are right--that all of our concerns are for naught.

Alrighty then. I can smell the coffee brewing in the kitchen so I must leave you now. Have a great day everybody! -Monica

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