Thursday, November 09, 2006

Deep Thoughts... (not really)

Susanne and I had a nice time last night hosting 5 other newly married couples from our church. Luther Place is a very accepting and affirming ELCA church and we love it there. Our new vicar who thought it might be great to have “newly-coupled” gathering about once a month to sort of continue with the concept of pre-marital counseling. Su and I are the only gay couple in the group and maybe it’s because we live in a very liberal city, I definitely feel like we are not considered an oddity or anything. We are just another newly married couple. We made spaghetti, garlic bread and salad with some Peanut Butter cookies for dessert. Hmmm…why am I suddenly hungry?

We are looking forward to really relaxing this weekend. A 3 day weekend is very welcome and we are not traveling anywhere for the first weekend in a long time. Yeah! Alright, thought for the day: Why do we say that things are “clean as a whistle?” Whistles are by nature sort of slobbered on and none too clean. Maybe we should say “clean as an autoclave?” Have a great weekend everybody! -Monica

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