Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spices of Life...

So do you ever watch those shows on the Food Network? Like the ones with like Rachel Ray and Gina Lollabrigida or whatever the Italian lady's name is? Well, I try my best to cook like they do. I take out the recipe and review it first. I even pull out a few implements and ingredients and then, just like on the shows, I fire up that frying pan and get started.

But while they merrily chat away about this or that, what I find is that suddenly the onions or whatever is heating in my pan up are already DONE and I've hardly gotten a jump on cutting anything else up or measuring out any spices. I'm dumping cumin or corriander or basil or bay leaves or whatever spice is closest into the pan and hoping for the best. And another thing...on the show, Rachel Ray always starts filling up a big pot of water and then walks away for like 5 minutes to got fetch some EVOO (don't ask) from her pantry and when she finally remembers the pot it's not even overflowing. I however am not so lucky. Truly, when I set out to cook something I feel my stress levels start to spin out. Instead of chatting merrily with my sweetie, I'm like an overzealous surgeon in the ER barking "honey, I need a glass of white wine STAT!"

Now Susanne on the other hand is a wonderul cook and she actually has fun during the process of cooking. (I tend to have my most fun during the process of eating.) So although we both cook, my best case scenario is to let her cook away and I clean up. This works out great because the cleaning up isn't so much fun when one is a creative cook. All of this talk about food is just making me hungry though. Ymmmmmm....gotta go! -Monica

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