Saturday, November 18, 2006

'Cuz you light up my...

Well well. Apparently the diagnosis was incorrect. Or the treatment was sub-par. What am I talking about? Our perpetual tail light. You see, about 4 days ago Susanne realized that our Subaru brake light was staying on even when she wasn’t touching the brake. If she sort of lifted the brake pedal when exiting the car it seemed to solve the problem. Of course we knew that we’d have to deal with our mechanic sooner rather than later about this. Then 3 days ago she backed it in at work and after a long day called me to say she was on her way. Then she called back about 2 minutes later to say that the battery was dead. So I took the Metro down to where she works and after AAA jumped the car we drove it around to charge up and then took it home making sure the brake light did not stay on.

After going across town to our prenatal appt. on Friday morning we joined friends for lunch, again making sure the brake light was off. It was. But upon our return it was mysteriously on again. Rats. So this morning before taking Metro down to participate in the Help the Homeless Walkathon in DC we took it to our favorite local mechanic. An $80 switch was replaced and we were good to go--or so we thought. I just looked out the window and I couldn’t believe it. The mystery light was on again. Now we are back to using our #10 wrench to disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t drain. I guess we’ll be back to visit our favorite mechanic Monday morning. Shesshhh.

This morning at the Walkathon we joined many of Susanne’s co-workers from Bread for the City and were very happy to see a co-worker who is out on maternity leave. She and her husband brought their 4 month old daughter and they also brought an friend who put together a wonderful compilation site for Lesbian blogs called Lesbian Families (see link on sidebar). It was so cool to meet her and the funny thing was that at first she didn’t make the connection that we were the authors of one of the blogs on her site. When we told her our blog was Susanica she got all excited. We spent the whole 5K walking with her and her son Noah and found ourselves talking about different blogs that we read. It almost felt like we knew people. Too funny.

She was telling me that the person who runs a site called Babes in Blogland which has straight and gay blogs on it sometimes gets sort of negative comments from people who sort of happen onto gay/lesbian blogs. What a shame. It reminded me of a story about two little kids on a playground where one says that she has two moms and her little friend replies “I have two moms too!” They were both so delighted. Turns out that one of them had two lesbian moms and the other one came from a blended family and actually had a mom and a step-mom. It all seemed good to the both of them. I think it’s the adults that get everything all charged with negativity. Kids see love. Smart kids!

Our first prenatal visit to the birthing center where Su will deliver our baby went well. The midwife used a Doppler to search for the baby’s heartbeat and after a bit of wandering around Su’s belly we learned that Su’s digestive tract is in great shape and the baby’s heart is beating away at 160 bpm which is within the normal range. It was really awesome when she finally found the spot where we could really hear that heart. We were at 10 weeks and 4 days so it was not for sure that she’d be able to detect it. Let’s see…what else is new?

Oh, our cats Harley and CJ get to go on vacation to sunny South Carolina! We are going to visit Su’s mom for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and since it’s an 8 hour drive we thought it might be easier to leave our kitties with “Gross Mutti” between the two holidays. She thought that was fine. Now the only question is how will we wake up in the morning without our “alarm cat” Harley? He always scratches on our door at 6:15 on the dot. I think we’ll manage—maybe we’ll use an alarm clock ;-). Alrighty then. I’m scraping cracks in our guest room wall so we can patch and paint that to convert it into an office/guest room and then eventually get started on our nursery. Hey there Gross Papi, if you read this you are more than welcome to come scrape with me ;-)

Oh by the way, Susanne mentioned to me that she hasn’t actually blogged since we found out we were pregnant. I knew it has been a while, but I think it’s time for her to say a few words. Don’t you, gentle readers? -Monica


Shana said...

That is SO cool you got to meet Liza and family. I bet Noah is even cuter in person.

And hmmmm, I THOUGHT my ears were burning earlier. :-)

Susanica said...

Wow! Shana you are the woman responsible for putting together Babes in Blogland! Outstanding! We were so delighted to see that you listed our blog under the June 12th due dates. Thanks for reading and posting our blog. It was indeed great fun to meet and talk to Liza and you're right, Noah is ADORABLE! Have a wonderful day! -Monica (and Susanne)