Monday, January 28, 2008

Babies ARE Us now

This weekend we had dinner with some great friends who Su has known for years. Most of them worked together for a transitional housing program and it seems whenever we are all together it just seems so comfortable. Tom made his amazing vegetarian coconut based soup and chai and other great dishes. Christy, Rowan, David, Robb and Lara and I just sat around enjoying the food and the two tykes - 8 month old Danny and ADORABLE nearly 10 month old Toby who is Robb and Lara's son.

Robb is like myself an "older" first time parent. I think he's 49 and I'm 47. He's a physics professor at university here and gets to spend lots of time at home--particulary in the summers. I asked him if he was having any unexpected aches and or pains since Toby's arrival, and after we chatted breifly about heads, shoulders, knees and toes (okay, maybe some other body parts) he turned to me with his eyes shining and said "no one ever told me it would be this much fun! Good point I thought. In all actuality though, no one could have ever told me how how much fun this would be.

So, without further ado, I offer our eight month installment of slides of our Danny--the most fun I've ever had! -Monica

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