Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Voting will close at COB tomorrow (that's "close of business" to us government types) on yesterday's opinion poll as to whether Danny's hair looks cuter with a part or brushed down. It's a close race as of this style has a one vote lead. The suspense is killing me ;-)

Anyway, on to something new. So, for Christmas my mother in law got me this really cool wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. You hang a sensor outside and the device with the indoor sensor and the monitor for both stays indoors. At a glance you can see what the temps are both indoors and out.

Well, I decided to put the monitor in Danny's room since I'm a little psycho about how cold it gets overnight. (Fortuntely it's not dropped below 64 degrees so I'm not too worried about the temp there now.) But a funny thing happened last night. You see, when the outside temperature drops below 32 degrees the monitor starts flashing a green light to warn that it's below freezing. Yes, my device has a "freeze alert".

Susanne had gone into Danny's room to nurse him around 3 am and was mystified as to where the flashing green light was coming from. We're not sure if it's what woke him up, but there he was in his crib being bathed in intermittent green light. Su thought the light might be coming from outside, (new police green lights?). She really had no idea until she got her hands on the monitor on the shelf. Fortunately she found this to be humorous as opposed to finding that it made her murderous (of me of course.)

The moral of this story? Ummm....that we should move somewhere warmer? Right? Have a great day everyone. And sweet dreams! -Monica

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Kelly & Mikki & Our Little Honey said...

So, so funny! Kelly got an indoor/outdoor weather station from Santa too...

Sometimes you guys are scarily similar!!!

:-) M