Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wow! What's the protocol here?

Most bloggers as you know (since you're reading a blog) have a blogroll somewhere on their site where they put links to blogs they read regularly. In our case, some are friends IRL (which means in real life, tricky huh?) and others are blogs that you've found that you just really like a lot.

Anyway, this week we got a comment from the author of Mom-101! The woman who writes it is hysterically funny and out of the blue she commented on our blog post with our family picture.

I've got to tell you, it is such an honor. And a few months ago another incredibly funny blogger named Swistle (who is also on our blog sidebar) wrote us a comment. These bloggers are the real deal. When they write blog posts they get dozens, sometimes hundreds of comments. We are lucky if we get one or two. I'm just saying that they both seem to really strike a chord with people and I guess I feel so flattered that they noticed in their stats that we'd put a link to their sites. They both have babies who are the same age as Danny which is how I first came across them and if you haven't read them before, I encourage you to do so now.

So here is my dilema. When someone comments, you publish it (if you want to). Often you can't reply to what they've written to protect their real identity. you write a follow up to their comment in your own comment box? This really won't work if they never look at your site again (and why would they?) Or do you go onto their blog and when they write about something that you can connect to do you then post a comment to their blog? Oh, it's all so confusing. I guess everyone just likes to feel connected.

So...if Mom-101 or Swistle or Casey from Dancing on the Edge or Jenn from Arcane Matters, if any of you ever read this post, please know that you make the day go faster for us all by being such fun writers. That's all I'm saying! -Monica


Mom101 said...

thanks monica!

Sometimes I respond in comments, sometimes I hit the person's blog. I suppose it depends how busy I am with the, I mean many famous fabulous people.

Look forward to checking out your other enthusiastic recos.

Susanica said...

Wow. Thanks for your great advice and again I'm really excited that you posted once AND came back again! Have a great day with your girls! -Monica