Saturday, May 24, 2008

And we're back!

Since I don't think it's a very good best practice to let the whole blogosphere (yes all 10 of you out there ;-) know when I travel out of town, I didn't really mention before that I headed up to a funeral in MA this weekend. My uncle (or more specifically, my mom's first cousin's husband) who we all loved dearly passed away last week. My uncle Cliffy was a character and one of my favorite stories told at the party that followed the funeral was that Cliff always told people that during World War II he was sent overseas. Technically true, but his deployment was from Brooklyn, NY to Staten Island, NY. Yes, a whole 3 miles or something.

As sad as the occasion was, it was great to see so many relatives. My mom and brother flew out from Minnesota, and we met up with lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. And the cousins all got to meet their newest cousin--little Danny.

Su stayed back home because there were some pressing things at work, so we decided I'd take Danny. I have to tell you, it was great fun but very tiring. Probably the most difficult thing was sleeping well at night. I'd gotten a hotel room with a crib, but it was pretty tiny. The first night there Danny did one of his sound asleep double marsupial flips that he does with ease while settling in back home in his own crib, and was rudely awakened because he smacked right into the bars of this little criblet. I'd gone across the hallway to visit with my cousin Rose and family because my mom was with Danny. She told me later that he woke up, stood up and wailed so she went to pick him up and he clung to her with all his tiny little might. She laid down on one of the beds with him and he went right back to sleep. I think she kind of liked that half hour of snuggling with a peacefully sleeping baby.

We arrived back yesterday and I'm not sure who broke into a bigger smile when we saw Susanne get out of the car. I think it was a tie! Anway, I'll post a pic or two later. Busy weekend going on around here. Someone is turning one in a few days! Have a great day everybody. -Monica

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