Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Indeed!

Susanne and I really enjoyed our very first Mother's Day. We took Danny to church, and then had brunch and later just did stuff around the house. My sweetheart also surprised me by making the most delicious raspberry/rubarb/blueberry crumble while I took a little nap. You see, we'd planted rubarb a few years ago but it takes a few years to really start coming in well. Apparently it's in! Thanks honey! (Another Mother's Day bonus, we took turns taking naps!)

But I have to say, one of my favorite first Mother's Day memories is going to be coming home from my German class around 9:30 last night and spying an envelope on our coffee table. I recognized the handwriting...my mom writing from Minnesota.

Su was looking over my shoulder as I opened it and I felt pretty bummed when I saw that mom had written the card only to me. I turned to Susanne and said "I'm sure she meant both of us". Su just smiled and said "no she didn't--my card is over there."

Sure enough, mom had sent us each a card. Now I don't know if she realizes that one of the benefits of my being married to Susanne is that stuff like this can be a "twofer" Two for one. So one card would have sufficed. But, gosh, I just felt so thrilled that mom was so thoughtful. She signed both our cards "Love, Mom".

When I told my mom about 10 years ago that I was gay, she was heartbroken. Hadn't seen it coming. Felt like she must have done something wrong. Every sad feeling in the world. They say that people who deal with a loved one "coming out" go through the stages of grief. They are grieving. It's the loss of the dream they had for their child's life.

I think my mom now can see that my life with Susanne and Danny is amazingly wonderful. She just couldn't see that possibility back then. In the pic here, my mom and Su and I pose for a picture in Dublin a few years ago. Maybe next Mother's Day we'll take our moms and this time our little Danny Boy there again! Have a great day everybody! -Monica

P.S. Love you mom!


Jenni said...

wow, your mom is amazing - I'm in tears.

Susanica said...

Awww...Jenni. That's sweet. Are you sure it's not just the pregnancy hormones that are making you tear up? ;-) -Monica

Stimey said...

So wonderful! I bet it felt good to get both of those cards. Happy Mother's Day!

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

That is really wonderful. What a mom. Stop it, you are making the pregnant women weepy. I was a bit teary eyed myself when reading this!