Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three Degrees of Separation

So, today I’m filling out a dreadfully long government form to get a new security clearance. So much fun as you can imagine.

To do this properly, I ended up having to dig out my college diploma since I couldn’t quite remember the date it was awarded. (I had to student teach and it was awarded in the winter instead of in the spring--very confusing for me apparently ;-)

Anyway…I found my diplomas hiding our filing cabinet and made the following discovery:

When I graduated from high school, my diploma says that I :

…am entitled to this diploma with all the honors and privileges which it confers.

My college BA says…I am hereby conferred with all the privileges and obligations pertaining to that degree.

And get this--my graduate school Master’s Degree says…that I am hereby granted my degree with all the rights, obligations and responsibilities thereto pertaining…

Hmmm… Seems like the more I went to school the more obligations and responsibilities I somehow got. I guess I just don’t know to whom I have all these obligations and responsibilities. I think I’ll stick with honors and privileges. Yes. That sounds like a lot more fun! -Monica

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E, M, and the Little Man said...

Interesting... Since I have my BA and M.Ed. diplomas on the wall by our computer, I had to check. My BA says "Rights, privileges and responsibilities" and my M.Ed says "Honors, rights, privileges and responsibilities."

You'd think they would keep them consistent from college to college. :)