Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aaaannddd we're back!

Hello gentle readers. We returned on Friday from a trip to Boston and Vermont. It was for the most part fun and relaxing and we tried to find fun things to do every day with Danny, who by the way, slept amazingly well in his little travel pack and play. He was often shaped like the letter "L" (and a few other letters at times) when we'd peek in on him but sleep he did. Thank goodness!

We went to our friend Hannah's wedding which was really nice and hit the infamous Children's Museum of Boston. Danny LOVED it! Then we drove along the shore up near Gloucester and Salem and Danny loved the water (so did we.) The last few days were spent at our friend Raquel's house which was awesome. She has a 5 year old and a 2 year old so Danny had a new supply of toys and some new best friends. Little 2 year old Sammy adored the "baby". Our baby by the way decided to start walking this weekend while at Raquels' which resulted in lots of cheering by all. He now lumbers about a bit like a baby Frankenstein. He also still prefers to drop to all fours whenever he gets a bit off balance, but he's improving every day.

Susanne unfortunately has continued to feel pretty yucky. Feeling nauseous every morning when you know you are no longer pregnant is rotten on many levels. We think that she must still have some pretty high levels of HCG (pregnancy hormones). We'll see the doc this week and perhaps he can offer some advice.

Anyway, the first few days back are often a blur. So, I'll write again when I'm a bit less blurry. -Monica


Momma Mikki said...

Welcome back!!!! We've missed you!

Sara said...

I'm so sorry Susanne isn't feeling well. Not fair. My thoughts are with you.