Friday, March 13, 2009

Dysfunction Junction what's your function?

Let's see. My laptop seems to have a problem. The screen should be able to stay in a locked and upright position, but after getting progressively worse over time, it is now kaput.

The computer works fine, but the screen must be propped up by a pillow or other object at all times. And if I'm not careful it smashes down on the keys and basically shuts the computer completely off. I then lose whatever I was working on. Not fun I tell you. There also appears to be no way to tighten any screws or anything to fix it.

So I guess that in a manner of speaking my laptop is suffering from erectile dysfunction (hmmm that looks more innuenoey in writing than it does when I say it out loud).


1 comment:

Casey said...

Ha, so your laptop has ED? PCED? I'm sure there's a plugin for that somewhere.