Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lighting the Corners of my Mind...

We’re going to our friend Meredith’s wedding shower this weekend and I was just reflecting back on all the weddings I’ve attended. A couple dozen I’d guess over the years. Some are more memorable than others and so I just decided to think of which memory really, really stands out.

Or course our wedding stands out to me most of all. Hands down the winner.

But could never forget watching the train of my friend Mindy’s dress catch fire when she bumped a paper bag with a candle that was lining the outdoor reception area (her husband and about a dozen guests who were far closer than I was put the flames out in an instant.) That was memorable indeed.

But the winner in my memory would have to be this story. I was attending the wedding of a friend named Lori up on the Boston area back in 1993 or 1994. She and her new husband Diego took the floor for their first dance and it was one of those songs that was all over the radio at the time that from some children’s movie. Suddenly I realized it was the music from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Beauty and the Beast? What?

True, I did think she was more attractive than her new husband, but come on! How in the heck could they have picked that? I secretly looked around to see if anyone else seemed aghast. Hmmm…no reaction at all. Hmmm… Maybe they all thought he was a beastly looking guy I thought.

And then I realized my error. It was actually the song “Somewhere Out There” from an American Tail.

I’ll never forget that wedding. And I'm an idiot sometimes. What’s your favorite wedding memory?


elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

A guy that I used to work with at a hospital in St. Paul (let's just call him Paul) had been dating his fiance for many many years. They finally set a date and were to be married at 10,000 waves outside of Santa Fe, NM. About 50 guests were flying and driving from all over the US. When Paul and his fiance boarded the plane for their own trip to Santa Fe, Paul suddenly had to use the toilet. When he didn't come out and the flight was ready to take off, the attendants began banging on the door. Paul was unwell and had to travel by ambulance back to the hospital where he worked to undergo an emergency appendectomy. He missed his own wedding.
About 6 months later, the lovely couple tried to get married on a beach but some sort of protesters had taken over their location that day.
The last I heard was that they still weren't married but happily living together.

Jenni said...

It snowed eight inches on our wedding day and even though that caused several snafus, everything looked gorgeous.

Stimey said...

My new favorite wedding story is the one where your friend's dress caught fire. What was her reaction? I've never heard of such a thing happening.

I also like the image of you looking furtively around to see if anyone else thought the first dance song was an odd choice.