Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Maybe? Maybe NOT!

Well yesterday was great fun as many friends came by to share cake for Su’s birthday. We had about 5 toddlers at the house until around 8 pm so you can just imagine them all slowly but surely simultaneously winding down while still going and going. It was very cute. Maybe it was the carrot cake? What goes up must come down right? (I’m talking blood sugar levels here.)

So anyway, the title of my post. I was thinking about how my life has a lot fewer maybes in it since Danny was born. Not that this is a bad thing. It’s just a thing.

For example. Last Friday I was running an afternoon forum for work and hadn’t had lunch. Sometime later in the afternoon I suddenly started absent-mindedly daydreaming about the fact that there was a MacDonald’s at the metro station across the street. Maybe when the event ended I could go grab a burger and fries before heading home? Or maybe that sandwich shop??? Until I suddenly remembered OH MY GOSH! I’VE GOT TO GET HOME AS FAST AS I CAN TO GET THE CAR AND DRIVE OVER TO GET DANNY BEFORE 6:00!

It’s like all my options are different now and there are fewer of them.

Like remember when a weekend would roll around and you had something sort of planned, but then you just decided to just stay in bed in all day and read the entire Sunday paper? Or maybe stroll over to a local coffee shop? Or maybe just, I don’t know? Sleep?

Well, the thing with kids is that they have needs that must be filled. Sippy cups of milk, diaper changes, baths once in a while, food on a regular basis (and healthy foods at that which is not as easy as feeding them cake regularly ;-) They absolutely need your love and affection too. You can negotiate who does what in terms of tasks if you have a partner, but it is non-negotiable that all of these need must be met for the little ones. So there are many fewer “maybes” built into life with a child.

And even though I’d be lying if I said that I never missed the “good old days”, I do have to say that responsibilities and all with Danny, I really do feel like these are the “great new days”. And I don’t mean maybe. -Monica

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Casey said...

It's so true. Before I had kids, people used to tell me to enjoy my free time while I had it and I laughed it off. Now, I know exactly what they were talking about.