Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some sage advice...

Have you ever seen this kind of note in the paper when your favorite advice columnist is out of town?

“Marilyn Sax is on vacation. The following are excerpts from summer 2004 live discussions on

Oh my Gosh! If only I had a job where when I was away, I could just recycle old stuff.

Just imagine…

“Monica is on vacation. The following budget numbers and reports are from the previous Fiscal Year, but enjoy anyway!”

You see, I can’t get away with that because the nature of the problems change. And the numbers change. And the reporting requirements change.

But human nature? I’m not sure that the nature of the problems change much. So the answers don’t either right?

I so want to be an advice columnist now. Oh. I guess that would require me to be wise. Sigh. There is always a catch right?



Casey said...

That does sound great, I'd love to be able to regurgitate old episodes of my life and take a few days off.

Mom101 said...

You know what? You can recycle old blog posts. I see it all the time.

Not that you get paid the same for it. Or, all.