Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In your dreams...

The second Danny wakes up in the morning he asks "choo choo?" So I'm guessing it's pretty easy to figure out what he's dreaming about. I also suspect that our cats constantly dream about squirrels and birds.

But what about the dreams we adults have? What a crazy blend of images and thoughts. Just think of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of images and sounds we are exposed to all the time. Television, radio, books, the internet....the list goes on and on. Last week we watched a show on TV where a guy purposely trapped people into a movie theater and set it on fire. Guess what I dreamed about?

Imagine what it must have been like to have lived in the past where you maybe just lived your whole life in one place and maybe never traveled more than 20 miles from your home. No books, no movies, nothing. What did people dream of? Apple trees? Babbling brooks?

I guess there were scary things that could enter into their thoughts and dreams. Wild animals? Accidents they saw? There's always hellfire and damnation right?

I guess I'm just saying that I think it's pretty amazing that we get any sleep at all today with the pictures that are filed away in our heads.

Just my (sleep deprived) thought for the day. -Monica

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Casey said...

I hate incorporating scary things from the media into my dreams but it happens ALL THE TIME. I had to stop watching the news and now I have dreams about hanging out with fellow bloggers which can be equally as scary.