Friday, April 24, 2009

Dawning awareness...

I do not have allergies. I repeat. I do not have allergies.

So why then, for the last three springs, has it felt like I've been swallowing tiny pieces of jagged glass whenever I step outside?

But this makes no sense. I am not an allergy person.

Time to rephrase. I apparently have allergies. I apparently have allergies. (Thank goodness for Cl*ritin). Oh geez. What's next? The heartbreak of psoriasis? -Monica

P.S. I wrote yesterday about our friend Cornelius nearing the end of his life. Sadly, but not unexpectedly news came last night of his passing. Good night sweet prince.

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Jenn said...

I resisted admitting to allergies when I first moved to DC in 2000. Every March, I insist that all the trees need to be cut down. I hope that you feel better soon! So sad to hear about Cornelius' passing, he sounds like a gem.

PS. It was lovely to see you and Danny yesterday. Thank you for stopping by!