Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mama bye bye? Mama bye bye?

Apparently my lovely wife has heard Danny repeat this question about a zillion times since I left DC on Sunday morning to go to a conference.

I'm still away and when I return Wednesday, there is a slight chance that I will no longer be the apple of his eye. Seems he's been getting grumpier and grumpier with his questioning over time.

I don't travel much for work, but when I do I miss Su and Danny terribly. You'd think I'd be taking full advantage of this opportunity to sleep soundly at the lovely hotel where I'm staying, but I haven't. The first night I woke up twice thinking I heard Danny cry a bit, and this morning I'm up well before the crack of dawn because fluffy pillows are no substitute for the warmth and comfort of my beautiful wife.

All this being said I can't wait for tomorrow. For hugs and kisses and, I'm hoping, Danny's joyful shriek of "Mamo" (which sounds suspiciously similar to "Melmo" (yes his favorite Sesame Street friend). Heck I'd settle for his latest variation on my name, the very clever "Mamaca".

Whatever. Just so he is thrilled to see me. We haven't taught him yet how to hold a grudge, so I'm very hopeful!

See you soon loves! -Monica


Casey said...

I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you again. I hate being away from my family (as much as I like to complain about the stress) and I can't sleep either. Enjoy your homecoming!

LT said...

So adorable. There was one Friday at work where I wanted the day to be over SO MUCH so I could finally see CT at the end of a long week. I thought back to the end-of-the-day homecomings I got to witness when having dinners with you three. Your homesick posts always get to me- I can easily envision similar sentiments in the future when I've settled into my own family. I'll be the type to cry when leaving for solo travel, I assure you.