Sunday, April 05, 2009

Perceptive eh?

When you look at this logo what do you see? (Okay, scroll down a bit now.)

While driving past our local Goodwill story recently we learned that Susanne sees the letter "g", while I see half of a smiling face.

What does it mean??? Inquiring minds want to know! -Monica


Stimey said...

I'd never seen the "g" before. I always saw the smiley face. Now that I see the "g" too, I think it is a most excellent logo.

Val and Steve said...

It means a brilliant graphic designer did their job well. And that makes me happy!
Have you ever noticed the arrow in the Fed-Ex logo? ( or the amazon logo... how the arrow is from the "a to z" - or the bear in the Toblerone bar... (num).
Sorry I'm in marketing. So we talk about this stuff a lot :) Hope y'all are well.

Momma Mikki said...

I TOTALLY see a smiley face. Always have! But now, I'll always see a "g"!