Thursday, April 02, 2009

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

This is catfood.

This is a floor without catfood strewn all over it.

Can someone out there help us explain to Danny why cat food is for cats and not for strewing? (And yes that is a real word--I checked.)

He knows that it is a no no and in fact now repeats back to us "no, no" while waggling his finger as if to show us that he gets it.

But still he strews. Twice now in the last 12 hours.

Parenting 101. Remove the temptation from the child's reach. Divert the child's attention.

Parenting 201. You can't remove everything from the child's reach at all times. You can't divert a child's attention at all times.

I think we’d better stop auditing these imaginary classes and figure out what to do here.



Jenni said...

we moved our cat food uo to the top pf the dog crates, but if we are not very careful, oscar can still get to it. the kid's got one heck of a reach. also? oscar not only strews, he eats it. by the handful.

Susanica said...

Oh Jenni. I neglected to mention that Danny too likes to partake in the kitty chow. Perhaps we should create kiddie chow for these two? They both have their finicky moments at the table so why not dish up some yummy kiddie chow right? Argh!!! Have a great day Jenni. -M