Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend!

Su's first cousin Patrick has been visiting us from Germany and it's been great. Danny adores him, he's funny and sweet, and try as we might, there seems to be no way to talk him into staying with us forever to be our "manny".

Stupid university.

Seriously though Patrick, when you get back home and see this, I hope you'll remember all the wonderful times you had with us and Danny especially this trip to the zoo where he practically pulled hairs out of both sides of your head.

You are always welcome here with us. See you next year in Deutschland! -Monica and Su and Danny (who is really, really, going to miss you!)


Casey said...

He sounds like he'd make the perfect manny. They have schools here...

Jenni said...

Nelson and I both think Danny LOOKS quite a bit like Patrick in person. He looks a lot like Su, of couse, but you can definately see a resemblence w/his male relation as well.