Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I get home from work, change into comfy clothes and realize that our stinky boy needs a new diaper.

Mission accomplished. I then plop down on the bed with him chatting with Susanne for, I swear to God, at least a minute before I realize that Danny is contentedly playing with an entire leg of his green pants.

The pants that he's wearing.

Hmmm??? Something is not right here.

Su and I both burst out laughing as we realized that our boy has been dressed like this since the diaper change. And neither of us noticed!

As I said, thank God it's Friday! -Monica


Casey said...

He doesn't seem to mind and he's all ready for his next sop hop!

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

It's midnight, I'm reading in bed. Eric is sleeping and I'm seriously trying not to bust a gut and wake him. I think I need to sneak off to the kitchen and roll around with laughter. That is hilarious!

Patrick said...

Well, maybe I have to come back as soon as posible. This "manny" thing seems to be more serious than I thought :-D