Thursday, June 10, 2010

The beds--they are a changing...

This weekend will mark yet another milestone in the lives of our children. Danny's big boy bed will be disassembled and put back together again in the big blue room that has served as our guest room/office, and as a special door prize, also moving in will be his dear old white crib--complete with baby brother.

Benji has spent his first 5+ months in our room in his travel pack and play, and for the most part sleeps very soundly once he is down for the night. But now the time has come for him to move on over to his new "crib" (pun intended) where if all goes well, both boys will have many years of sleeping and playing until one of them pulls a "Marsha Brady" and demands his own room. Maybe in 2022 I say. ;-)

We'll move our office into the small room Danny has been in, and guests can either sleep in our basement or on an inflatable matress in the office. We are not too worried about this.

When we traveled to Germany for a few weeks the boys did a pretty remarkable job of sleeping through each other's crying jags so we have high hopes for this transition.

Susanne's been doing an amazing job of clearing off bookshelves and otherwise readying the big room for its new arrivals.

It's funny to feel happy/excited about this big change while at the same time feeling twinges of sadness at how fast Benjamin is growing up.

We'll post some pictures of our happy (hopefully sleeping) boys over the weekend. Wish us luck! -Monica

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