Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Web site madness I tell you!

Hi there family and friends. Have you noticed our new look? Susanne had the great idea to choose one of the new templates Blogger is offering which will allow us to enlarge our pictures a bit as it uses more "real estate" in the middle than our old template did. I must admit that since mint green is my favorite color I'm pretty excited about our new look!

And another thing I love is that Susanne set up a smaller site (on our side bar) called Susanica in Pictures.

You see, when I blog, I usually grab one photo to help tell a story (or show of our gorgeous boys) but truth be told there is usually a whole series of pictures that my talented wife has taken. Now, she's not committing to anything, but she'd really like to try and post to that site pretty frequently.

Attention Janna (tweenage neice). Your responsibility now, should you accept it , is to bring your wireless laptop to wherever Grandma is sitting and show her the latest pics of her grandsons. Not just on this site, but on the Susanica in Pictures. Okey dokey?

Have a great day everybody. -M


Bugaloo said...

I love using up more of the page, that does help a bunch. And Su's pics are great. We will be in DC --I texted and will email about getting together. Hurrah!

Susanica said...


Svillage said...

Great new look! Cute kid too!