Thursday, June 03, 2010

Chuckle for the day

So I had a fun lunch with some friends from work today,and as we talked about everything under the sun, the topic of pets came up.

Jan had us in stitches as she talked about a very unusual pet that her son begged and begged to get for Christmas.

A hedgehog.

True to his word he has been a very devoted hedgehog owner. In fact, likes to take it with him pretty much everywhere he goes.

In a Moby Wrap.

I don't know her son but I would LOVE to see that.  I thought at first that her boy was a little guy, but he's 14. I hope the other kids don't give him a hard time. I guess if they do though, he has a little hedgehog he can stare them down with.

Have a great day everybody! -M

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Stimey said...

I used to volunteer at a zoo and some of the animals I helped take care of were hedgehogs. They are super cute in real life. And if you can get them to curl around your fingers so you can fully appreciate their soft little tummies? Well, it might be worth carrying the thing around in a sling. :)