Monday, July 26, 2010

Accidental stalker mom here

So today was three year old Danny's very first day of summer "camp". It's a program run by our local park and rec and he's now officially a " Lil Explorer".

We've been talking about it a lot and were actually quite relieved to learn just last night that our 4 year old neighbor, Josie, who is one of Danny's best friends and a veteran Lil Explorer" was going to be at camp today.

I first brought Danny with me to drop Benji off at Jenni's and promised Oscar that I'd bring Danny in to play for a few minutes in the afternoon when it was time for pick up. These two boys are really going to miss spending so much time together.

Anyway, I then drove back toward home and took Danny into the rec center. Lots of kids and breakfast foods and toys to play with. He sat with his friend Josie while I filled out some paperwork and then I took him potty before trying to say goodbye. But alas, he enveloped me with the trembling hug of terror and kept saying "mommy stay too, mommy stay too." Just about broke my heart.

"School" had not started yet, so one of the teachers encouraged me to stay and play for a while. Before long we were surrounded by a gaggle of happy little tots all playing with dinosaurs and toy animals. After around 20 minutes I said to all the kids (including my son) "okay kids, have a fun day a--I'll be back later today." They all waved bye including smiley Danny.  Whew!

So how does this make me a stalker? Well, later in the morning I had to run up to Danny's regular year school to drop of some papers and had to go right by the park and rec since it's a block from our house. I saw several of the kids from the program playing outside with teachers but did not spot Danny's bright red shirt and I got a little nervous. Was he okay? Was he inside crying? So I surreptitiously pulled the car into a the lot and got out. In the distance much to my relief I saw little Danny at the head of a line the teachers were now forming to go back inside. Since he was the tiniest he was first in line (and Josie bless her heart was holding his hand.)

So then I felt silly.

And then I felt panicked.

You see, Danny had turned and I could swear he was looking right at me. In my defense, I was half a football field away, but without missing a beat I dropped down to the ground faster than you could say "aargghhhh!"

I mean, if he saw me it was going to be really bad. Seriously, the crying and begging to go with me would be very bad.

Luckily, he did not see me. In fact after sneaking a quick look I could see that he was listening to his teacher and then leading the parade back into the building.

So proud of him!!! Not so proud of me.

Parenthood. Never a dull moment!  ;-) -Monica


Jenni said...

Oh, Josie, sweet girl! I'm glad he's having a good first day.

Jenn said...

Hugs for Mommy and a way to go for Josie! I hope your pick up was wonderful and Danny has loads to say about his this first day!