Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you classic TV

So this weekend while flipping through cable, Danny and I caught an episode of Full House. You remember that 1980s classic where Danny Taylor raises his 3 little girls in San Francisco with Uncles Jesse and Joey? It was an early episode when Michelle was pretty small and Danny loved it. So hokey, but so sweet right? Well, we got to talking about the show and our little guy thought it was pretty interesting that Michelle had a dad but no mom.

I didn’t go into the details about how the mom had died, just that their family was the three men and the kids. I could tell this intrigued him.

Then the very next show to come on was the Andy Griffith Show. As Andy and Opie whistled down the path in the opening scene, Danny asked me where the little boy’s mom was. Hmmmm…after some explaining about Aunt Bea, I had a sudden realization that television is filled with non-traditional families.

You got your My Three Sons with grouchy old Uncle Charlie, The Courtship of Eddy’s Father, My Two Dads, the Brady Bunch, Sister Sister with Tia and Tamika, you get my drift. These shows all ran at different times spanning the 1960s through the 1990s.

So thank you Classic TV for making it easier to explain to my children that all families are different. But in the most important ways, (like how we love and nurture and care for each other) we are all the same! -Monica

P.S. And Family Affair! How could I forget Family Affair with Mr. French!

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