Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Benji's first day away from home

As I mentioned, this week Su headed back to work and so now she drops Danny and Benji off in the mornings at Jenni's house (at least until Danny starts Pre-K 3 next month.)

Jenni reports that Benji is totally enjoying all of the action at the Casa Oscarelli and it warms our hearts to hear that he's been napping, eating and playing with gusto.

Apparently big brother Danny has been letting Jenni know every time Benji makes a sound--you know, just in case she didn't notice. He takes his responsibilites as "big brother" very seriously ;-)

Our two guys are so cute together, and I think that together with Jenni's two, they are going to be a formidable force for fun.

No need to worry about Benji's voice being drowned out by all the other kids by the way. As you can see from this photo Su snapped last week, he's showing great leadership skills at the ripe old age of 6 months.

Rock on baby boy, rock on! -Mommy


Jenn said...

Love the new look, guys! Hope you are staying cool. And my how the boys are growing!

Bugaloo said...

Benji is so adorable! I am sure he'll do really well, he looks as happy and healthy as can be. We can't wait to meet him in a few weeks!!! (Pepica, I will email you about this).