Thursday, July 08, 2010

What ever did I write about before we had kids?

I mean I must have had some deep and witty thoughts right? Maybe I wrote more about how much I love Susanne? Or maybe I commented more on political events and social issues?

This prompted me to take a look back in the archives. Mystery solved. I wrote about our cats. Here is an excerpt from October of 2006:

"A few months ago Susanne spotted a fabulous sale at Best Buy on a cool DVD/VHS mini-surround sound system. So this weekend one of the final steps of our basement renovation involved connecting the wires she'd put into the walls and ceiling before we completed the drywalling.

Anyway, we got all of the speakers to work independently but were still trying to get the full "surround sound" of all the speakers together. We realized that we needed to play something that was created in Dolby Surround Sound and one of the few DVDs that we own is Winged Migration. For those who haven't seen it, it's a gorgeous documentary. The reason it's blogworthy experience for us is that we have two cats named Harley and CJ and when those multiple speakers kicked in, you've never seen two more confused cats. The sounds of birds everywhere! Outstanding for us, confounding for them. Next time we'll take pictures! -Monica"

I think I'll stick to writing about our kids. I can't wait to try the surround sound on them with the tinkling music of ice cream trucks everywhere! Have a great weekend everybody. Stay cool! -M

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