Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi, I'm Monica. Danny's mom.

As I mentioned the other day, Danny has started his two week summer camp down the block and I've taken him and picked him up every day while Susanne has done the same for Benji. (Dividing and conquering is good!)

Anyway, in most of the settings we've been with up until now (ie, friends, church, neighbors) there hasn't been too much need to go into detail about the fact that our boys have two moms, mostly because folks already know our story, or when they meet us for the first time we are all together.

But yesterday I met a mom dropping off her two little ones and she said "Hi, I'm Mary. Jayden and Imani's mom". So, I then said "Hi, I'm Monica. (silently thinking ummm...umm...ummm) Danny's mom."

The hesitation on my part came from the fact that there could be confusion if at a later time Susanne is with Danny and of course mentions that she is Danny's mom too.

I guess my point is, there was no need to explain that Danny has another mom to this parent at that moment.

The funny thing is that for me this is not an issue about "coming out" or "not coming out". It's about context and flow.

Am I making sense? Any thoughts on this anyone??? -Monica


Jenni said...

I think that makes sense. I mean, Mary didn't introduce herself as Jaden and Imani's ONLY mom, right? And, hey, maybe she's not! You are Danny's mom; no need to explain anything further in this particular situation. And families take so many shapes these days, particularly in a city like DC - two mom families, two dad families, one parent of each sex, step parents/children/siblings, grandparents who are raising grandchildren, one parent families, etc.

Strawberry said...

I agree with Jenni. I mean, you're not lying in any are his mom, so no need to fill in more detail in that particular circumstance.