Sunday, December 03, 2006

Friends (how sweet they are)

Well December is finally upon us (at least temperature-wise). It’s been downright warm over the past week but these last two days it’s been chillier. Now if we’d only get a little bit of snow. I remember one Christmas Eve here in Washington about 4 years ago driving friends to National Airport, and on the way home a beautiful snow started to fall. I was crossing the Memorial Bridge back into the city and all of the monuments were lit and it was simply magical. I grew up in Minnesota where the snow came often and furiously at times and my memories of both Thanksgiving and Christmas always involved snow. It’s a bit more hit or miss in that regard here in DC but it certainly can get cold enough for some flakes. Maybe if we get the Christmas lights up today we’ll get snow? That’s not magical thinking is it? ;-)

Susanne is resting in bed this morning. She’s been feeling pretty miserable and nauseous recently and this morning is no exception. Her headache is taking turns bothering her right side one day and her left side the next and today it’s settled right behind her right eye. My poor baby. I keep bringing her water and checking in to see what she is hungry for. Sometimes I just rub her back. I feel a bit helpless when she’s sick. I’m just glad I can comfort her in any way I can.

At least I have one secret weapon against all of her food aversions. The “Country Breakfast”. I forget how you say it in German but I do know that it’s a dish made with fried potatoes, pickles, ham and eggs. It has always been her favorite dish and her mom make it the best! But since Mutti's not here I’m going to head on downstairs and whip up a batch. It really is quite delicious. And actually a good source of proteins and carbs. We could eat stuff A LOT worse for us!

We got some fun news yesterday that we are going to “inherit” a wonderful crib that a dear friend bought originally for her two girls. P. and I met at grad school in Boston in 1989 and became great friends. I was still in Boston when her first child was born and although I’d moved away by the time daughter number 2 came along I we always stayed in touch and visited. I later moved to DC and about two year later so did they which was FANTASTIC.

Ah yes… the crib. P. later sent it to another grad school friend back in Boston, and since that friend isn’t planning to have more than her one son we are free to use it. Best of all, P. is going to pick the crib up when she and her family travel to Boston for Christmas. Psych! I know it was a very nice crib and it also has a very special connection to this wonderful family. It’s no coincidence that we live in the same neighborhood in DC. When I went looking to buy my first house 4 years ago (before I even met Susanne) I knew I wanted to be close to P. and her husband and girls. It’s funny. We don’t see them too, too often, but it’s like we all know that we are instantly available if either family needs anything. P. also officiated our wedding ceremony—yet another wonderful connection.

Now that their oldest daughter is a teenager, I think that we may be able to count on an outstanding babysitter. I used to babysit the two girl and we have lots of fond memories of watching Wallace and Gromit on their fold out couch waiting for mom and dad to come home. They thought is was fun like going camping or something and loved being right there in the living room when their parents came home and carried them up to bed.

It’s funny, I started this post talking about driving friends to the airport. It was P. and her family. I hadn’t really identified them when I started and then sort of segued in talking more about them. So on some level I must really be thinking about them. Even though we just talked on the phone yesterday, I think it’s time to drop by the house. As soon as my sweetie feels a little better. Ciao everybody! -Monica

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