Monday, December 11, 2006

Brilliant idea!

Greetings one and all. Su and I had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night with our friends Laura and Elisa. Lara and Susanne are both pregnant now and since Elisa is the proud mom of two little ones, we were all ears as to her insights on everything "baby."

She told us that she and her husband had taken turns with night feedings (she breastfed while he fed the babies milk she'd expressed earlier.) They somehow came up with a brilliant idea to make sure their babies would stay asleep once they were ready to put back in the crib. They filled a hot water bottle (not too hot mind you) and whenever they took the baby out of the crib for a feeding they'd place it on the cribsheet. When it came time to put the baby back down, out came the water bottle and in settled the baby with a contented (and very importantly--still quite asleep) sigh.

I really think this makes a lot of sense. Either that or we are going to have to make a recording of Su's heartbeat and hide the recorder somewhere in the mattress (just kidding! That in no way sounds safe!) Anyway, as I told Elisa, their idea is definitely "blogworthy" so here it is!

Maybe I'll start doing that water bottle thing for Su as her nocturnal trips to the bathroom become more frequent in the months to come. Wait...keeping Susanne warm is my job! Brilliant I say. Brilliant! -Monica

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Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT idea. I really wish I'd heard of it before it was too late (my youngest is 13 months). Hmmmmph.