Thursday, December 07, 2006

Knock, knock?

What to write about today? What to write about today? Do you think if I keep writing this question then I’ll think of something to write about today? Let’s see? Su is doing well. She’s getting a tiny bit of the “baby bump” as they call it, but she also explained that it’s more like just losing the ability to “suck in” her gut in the way that non pregnant women can in group pics that require you to sort of stand in profile.

We are suddenly really, really busy with holiday parties. We’re hosting a party for the folks who live on our block in DC one upcoming Sunday and we just got an e-vite to go to a friend’s house in Baltimore the same day. No problem. Is it wrong to want to do everything?

We’ll be having our annual dinner with "Santa" on Tuesday which is really dinner with my sister’s boyfriend who comes to Washington for work frequently. Dave brings us a bag of gifts from my family in Minnesota and we send home a bag of gifts with him for them. We’ve been doing this for years! Dave is the king of silly jokes, so we are ready for him. “Knock, knock?” “Who’s there?” “Scott” “Scott who?” “Scott to be a better knock, knock joke than this one this year!” Hardy, har, har. I know. Stop it already. Okay, okay.

Whoops. Will you look at the time? I’ve got to run. Hasta la vista everybody! -Monica

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