Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was thinking about the story in this morning’s Washington Post about how VP Cheney’s daughter Mary is pregnant and how she and her partner Heather are going to be moms next spring. They live in Virginia. Wow. They couldn’t have picked a more gay-unfriendly place in the whole United States to live in if they want Heather to be the baby’s legal mom too.

I wonder if they have lesbian friends who are also pregnant? Su and I met some wonderful people in our “Maybe Baby” classes last winter (offered to gay couples who want to learn about all their options for becoming parents.) It was wonderful making new friends who were thinking about the same issues we were. Even though we are all in different circumstances, several of us are expecting right now, and we've created a neat little support network in my opinion. I don't know if Ms. Cheney and Ms. Poe went to any sort of “Maybe Baby” classes but if they did, they would have heard loud and clear that if they could choose not to live in Virginia before having their child that would be a very good idea.

As much as I detest the policies of this administration I wish this couple well in their quest to become moms. It would be really great if something positive comes out of it for all gay families. -Monica

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