Thursday, April 26, 2007

New traditions waiting to be born...

I was thinking this morning about all of the fun ways that family traditions from both my family and Susanne’s family will come together for our baby. I guess that’s the way it usually is with families but since I’ve never been a parent before I’d never really thought much about it until today.

When Su was a child, on her birthday she always had a present waiting for her on the breakfast table on that special day. There was cake and other stuff later too, but that was her fondest memory. What a neat idea—I can’t think of a better way to start a birthday!

For me, my favorite birthday memory was that the birthday kid (there were 7 of us) would get to go to Snyder’s Drug store with our dad on our birthdays, after he got home from work. I think there was some sort of price limit ($5.00?) or something, but we could pick out whatever we wanted from the toy aisle within that limit. Being one of so many, it really was a treat to get to ride with JUST dad (ie…no other kids) all the way to the next town over and then experience the rapture of picking out whatever we wanted. That trip to Snyder’s will always be a wonderful memory for me.

Since there were 9 total people with mom and dad, square Pepperidge Farm cakes which very easily cut into 9 equal pieces, were also a part of our tradition. The birthday kid got to pick the flavor. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Some things never change ;-)

So, I think our baby is going to luck out. A breakfast surprise AND the special trip to the store. And just because our baby will have two moms rather than a mom and a dad? Doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker as far as I can tell. We’ll ask the baby in a few years okay? Have a great day everybody. -Monica

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