Monday, April 30, 2007

On the road...

Greetings from beautiful Williamsburg, VA. I am attending a conference for work, and although it's been for the most part a bit ho hum, I did get really excited about a presentation I saw from one of the top IT folks at Adobe. He talked about a next generation of internet where the we'll be able to do tasks with wizards (like we can do now) but the interface will look a lot more like our desktops with draggable folders etc... So for example if you were on a website trying to find out if you were elegible for certain benefits, the more questions you answered, the platform would narrow down the programs you could apply for and display folders. With one click you'd be applying and scheduling meetings with case managers. (It really is the stuff of science fiction in that regard ;-) But I love stuff like that. Coming up with ideas that really help people accomplish their tasks online. It's just that creative part of me I guess.

Of course being away for a few days on a trip like this has its fun side, but in all honesty I HATE being away from my sweetie. I've been glued to my cell phone for the last two days on the off, off chance that Susanne might need me to come back right away (I think all expectant parents go through this.) We are 7 short weeks away from our due date, and although the chances are slim that a problem could arise, I am ready to jump in the car and be back to DC in less than 3 hours.

I just got off the phone with my lovely wife however and all is fine. Tomorrow I will be back in town and all will be right with the world again. Also our friends Mikki and Kelly are at the hospital now and will welcome their daughter Bailey into the world soon. We have the honor of "guest" posting their happy news when we hear from them.'s a whole lot of positive energy to Our Little Honey!!!! -Monica and Susanne

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