Thursday, April 05, 2007


I was reading an article in the Washington Post about a local 97 year old who decided that it was time to get the high school class ring she’d always wanted. Yes, you read that right. She's 97 and graduated in 1937. It’s a really sweet article, and I was thinking about when I graduated from high school I didn’t really care about getting a class ring, but what I really loved was my kelly green letter jacket.

Gosh, I loved that coat. It had all kinds of emblems and stuff on it and as the years went by I could add new things like additional letters for sports and stuff like “choir” (yes we could add our choir patches.)

This all made me think of how funny it would be if federal agencies were like high schools. Employees could get letter jackets and affix stuff to like their credentials or performance appraisals scores. Can you imagine? Hey there? I see you are CISCO certified. Dude!

Of course each agency would have to have a mascot too. I think NASA could be the Astros and the USDA the Packers. NOAA would be the Hurricanes and the FAA would of course be the Flyers. Hmmm...the DOT Racers? The U.S. Fire Administration Flames? Should I really go on? Have a nice day y’all! -M


Trista said...

I had a kelly green letter jacket, too, and it was my pride and joy. See, our school colors were green and gold, and the traditional male letter jackets were green bodies with gold sleeves. And the girl's letter jackets were green bodies with white sleeves-- just like the cheerleader's jackets.

Well, I thought that was dumb. But I hated gold. So I decided when I lettered that I would buy my jacket and have them make it with green leather sleeves like the body. And it looked so cool. I actually started a trend and the next year there were a handful of people of both sexes that got the green sleeves, too.

Sometimes I wish I could wear the jacket without thinking about how it displays how old I am to the whole world...

Susanica said...

Thanks for your note Trista. Quite a trend setter you were eh? I wish I still had my letter jacket. I'd just pretend it was "vintage" and maybe people would assume it wasn't really mine ;-)

I thought of another team mascot. The GAO Ferrets. They ferret out waste, fraud and abuse. I promise no more. Until next time that is! -Monica