Monday, April 09, 2007

Springtime is in the air...

Well, we survived the super cold temperatures at the baseball game on Friday night, but our poor Nationals are abysmal this year. It's still fun to go to the games though.

Today we had an orientation to the new birthing center where we'll be giving birth, and one thing they do which is kind of neat is group the families who are all expecing at the same time into sort of communal meetings. Each pregnant woman has her regular visit a Certified Nurse Midwife, but then everyone gets together to discuss what's going on. We both really like this concept and it's neat to form connections with others who are in the same time frame that you're in. Today was a general orientation so the people we met today are all due at different times (it was a first visit for all), but from now on we'll be with other June moms. Fun.

Spring is really trying to spring here in DC. the leaves are green, the flowers are in bloom. It's just really, really cold. Hopefully this will get better very soon. Alrighty then. Back to whatever it was I was doing. Onward and upward!

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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