Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Confessions of one who never played with dolls

I'll admit it. I was quite the tomboy. No shame there. I loved all the things that boys got to do. Run, jump, throw, catch, kick—you name it. I have two older sisters and 4 younger brothers and it was always pretty apparent to me that the boys got to do fun stuff, while the girls got to wash and dry the dishes and also do “tables and floors” every night.

And I hated playing with dolls, which I considered to be the most docile activity one could ever engage in. And paper dolls? Perhaps more participatory, but for gosh sakes, they were paper! How can you run, jump, throw, kick or catch that?

So anyway, if others wanted to do that I had no problem whatsoever. I just preferred to play tag and hide and seek etc.

So my big discovery now is that I LOVE dressing Danny in cute little outfits. It’s like he’s my own little, gulp, doll.

This doesn’t make me a sissy now does it? ;-) -Monica

P.S. Here is one of my living doll from about 3 months ago. Oxford shirts that have "onsie" snap bottoms. Brilliant huh?


Jenni said...

And he is looking sooooo cute today, Mommy!

Susanica said...

Thanks Jenni. I know that mama had picked out a Pooh shirt he'd not worn and his cute little cordoroys for today. Could be a little extra work for the diaper changing, but so cute right? ;-)Thanks as always for your comment. -M