Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our poor baby

Fever is not our friend. Nor runny noses that make it hard to nurse properly.

As I write this on Sunday night Danny is sleeping peacefully, and we are” knocking on wood” that this is the end of his 3 day fight against some invading pathogen.

Here’s the story. On Thursday our friend Jenni who watches Danny called Su to let her know he had a fever. Jenni had wisely gave him infant Tylenol earlier which we'd let her know would be perfectly fine with us if he needed it. Su soon left work to go get him, and by the time we got him home and checked, his temp was at 103.2 which of course concerned us. After talking to the nurse at his doctor’s office who confirmed all the things we thought we should do to comfort him.

We debated about Thursday whether to go ahead with our long planned trip to visit Su’s mom in South Carolina, and since by Friday morning his temp was back to almost normal, we decided to travel. Unfortunately though this cold had no intention of giving up so easily.

He ended up being pretty miserable on the flight from DC to Atlanta. With terrible nose congestion he couldn’t really lay down without discomfort and was even struggling to nurse because he couldn’t breathe through his little nose. Our poor baby. Su ended up holding him upright over her shoulder for just about the whole flight. He’d periodically use her shirt as his own personal handkerchief which was quite fine with her. He’d bury his little head in her chest and shake his head from side to side. He cried some but finally he slept. It was that sad pathetic crying rather than the horrible screaming airplane noise that most travelers dread, but it was crying none the less. People seemed pretty sympathetic I think. Fortunately he seemed much more comfortable on our last leg from Atlanta to Charleston.

We have done all the right things regarding giving him Tylenol, tepid baths, saline nose drops and lots of water etc…and it looks like finally his fever broke for good earlier today. It’s actually been quite restful here which has been good for him I think.

I can’t tell you how stressful it is to pick up your crying infant at night and feel how hot he is. I am very grateful for medications that can reduce pain and fever. I’m all about managing pain, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our precious Danny. (This includes hugs and kisses too.)

Thank goodness, by today he seemed well enough to get out of the house and go to our favorite Japanese Steak House where the chef cooks all your food on the hot grill right where you are sitting. Danny loved it. Especially the part where the chef lit up the whole grill with leaping flames. Ironic don’t you think?

Here’s Danny with grandma and mama back to his normal “laughing boy” mode. We sure hope this is the end of this infection. –Mommy Monica

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