Thursday, February 07, 2008

Manna...or maybe Milka...from heaven!

What a day, oh what a day! So yesterday the package arrived! We never know exactly when the package will come, but when it does, it is filled with a huge stack of candy bars. German Milka bars to be exact. For those unfamiliar with this delicacy, I can only recommend that you run right out and find some right now. (Check out Aldi, World Market and other stores with European foods.)

Now, if you knew the full story or our annual "Milka" day of joy you'd probably think I should get my head examined. You see there is a very nice, handsome young man in Germany who met Su about 10 years ago while studying abroad in the US. I'll call him Franz. Well Franz has conistently for many years now sent Su a huge box with Milka candy bars in it for her birthday. Sometimes they come before the big day and sometimes after. One time they came on a very slow boat from Europe we are pretty sure, because the box was much worse for the wear.

Anyway, the boxes always come with no note. We are quite sure he spends more on shipping them to the U.S. than he spends on the chocolate itself. But here's the thing. He and Susanne don't keep in touch otherwise. Su exchanges letters and e-mails from his his sister periodically (who was also studying abroad in the U.S. at the same time) so we sort of know what he's up to, but he and Su haven't really talked in years.

He never replies to the thank you e-mails Su sends even though we are pretty sure he gets them. So every year we assume that will be the last of it. But no! Another box of 15 or so bars at our door! Happy happy joy joy!

Another friend of ours once explained to me that he thought that maybe Franz had a crush on Su. That hadn't occured to me (although maybe it should have?) Regardless, being so very secure in my relationship, and so very secure in my love for Milka chocolate, I love Franz. Never met him but he's okay in my book. Is anyone else hungry now??????? ;-) -Monica


Jenni said...

Great story! I was JUST thinking we needed to do brunch soon - you two are going to get a kick out of seeing the boys interact.

Renee and Janice said...