Monday, February 11, 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Oh dear. I remember once my mom telling me that if we are lucky, when we get really old, we'll forget that we've become forgetful.

Well...I'm not really old yet, so I can remember quite clearly that I've forgotten things. I just can't always remember what those things were. I am therefore very grateful for electronic calendars, voice mail (I call and e-mail myself awfully darn frequently to make sure I don't forget important things) and of course I'm grateful for my much younger wife who remembers lots.

So my latest technique for remembering things is to visualize when I'm drifting off, that I've released an imaginary "roomba", (you know the robot vacuum cleaner that just roams the house cleaning all day) in my brain. I tell it to feel free to scour the deepest passages of my mind to help me wake up refreshed and suddenly clear on something I couldn't quite remember.

This actually works remarkably well for me. I'd give you some examples of things I've drummed up after a good night's sleep, but, well, I can't really think of anything to share.

I'll release the "imaginary vacuum" hound tonight again and let you know tomorrow.

Ummm...I've got to go now so I can call my voice mail. ;-)


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