Friday, February 01, 2008

Home alone...

In the 8 months of Danny's thus far wonderful life, he's been taken care of by his mama and now since she's gone back to work, by our friend Jenni several days a week. I've never spent an entire day alone with just me and Danny. As I write, I can hear him roaring like a "Danosaur" up in his crib since his nice long morning nap is now coming to an end.

Su's usually off on Fridays but has to work today because the beginning of each month is a super busy time for her job. I'm scheduled to be off every other Friday, but again, it's always with Su.

So...Am I worried? Maybe a little bit. The boy loves me to pieces. I'm the goofy mommy who gets him up in the morning, sings silly songs and comes home when it's dark. I'm the one who often feeds him his supper and throws him in the air and rolls around on the floor with him. What I don't usually do is give him a bottle. Why would I? Su is our instant source of all warmth, love and nourishment. But now I've got three cold bottles of breast milk in the refrigerator (yes, I know to warm them in hot water first.)

So, today is going to be an interruption to his system. An odd day. His day care provider Jenni feeds him bottles all the time. So he's used to the bottle from her. But when he's at her house he also gets to play all day with little Oscar. So now he gets a bottle from me and no Oscar? I just think he might be confused as to where the "regular people" are today.

So...we're going out. Forget about the rain. Forget about the cold. If it's going to be an odd day anyway, we are going down to the DC city office where we can finally pick up his birth certificate which was reissued by court order after I was able to legally adopt him. That's my plan. Distract him. Good thing my shoulder is feeling better today. Wait, the "Danosaur" roareth again--this time for real. Gotta go. Wish me luck! -Monica

What have you done with the regular people mommy? (Photo courtesy of Jenni!)


Jenni said...

You're going to have a great day! And doesn't he look so much like Susanne in that photo?

Susanica said...

You know I never thought about that but you're right. He DOES look like Susanne in this pic. That must be why it's such a cute picture ;-0

We already "bagged" the plan to go out downtown. It's raining way too much I decided. But we are having a grand day. We're working on crawling and waving. I'm really very good at both it seems. Have a great day with Oscarelli and have fun at yoga. -Monica

Renee and Janice said...

You'll be fabulous!!

Lucy said...

Hope you two had fun!