Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheese Danny!

Do you know Wallace and Gromit? Well if you don't, I highly recommend watching a few episodes of those wacky characters. Being quite the cheese lover myself, I particularly admire their love of cheese! "Cheese Gromit!", silly Wallace always says to his silent but clever dog.

This weekend when we gave Danny a little appetizer of equal parts bread and cheese before he had his real supper, he carefully ate all the yogurt cheese cubes first before digging into his bread. "Cheese Danny!" and I thought "how wonderful!"

I must add that my happy feelings about W&G are related peripherally to my dad. He used to watch it with his then 2 year old granddaughter Janna when he was undergoing chemotherapy and his head looked amazingly like Wallace's bald head. Poppi and Janna thought it was hilarious. He'd be so proud of his cheese eating number one grandson! It's hard to believe it's been almost six years now since dad passed away. I'm glad that memories like this make me smile now rather than feel that sharp pain I felt for so long.

Dad, you'd really have loved this little guy. He's got a little fat head and is the happiest baby in the whole wide world. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but the rest of the family knows exactly what I mean ;-) - Love, Monica

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