Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rainy Days and Sundays...

On Sunday we had a great time hanging out with dear friends Tracy and Natalie who live in a beautiful place in Maryland. We had planned a picnic, but with all the rain we got the night before, we decided to stay in for our picnic--it was fabulous!

Funny thing is that I can remember a night several years ago before Susanne and I ever started going out, enjoying a fun evening hanging out with Tracy and Nat at Susanne's house because rain had canceled other plans. That night we roasted marshmallows over candles in the living room and had so much fun. Wow, it's pretty amazing to imagine how our lives have changed so much from that time. Amazing and wonderful.

Anyway, this time with 9 month old Danny we hung out in front of a real fire at Tracy and Nats. We later fashioned a "pack and play" or maybe I should call it a "fort" out of pillows so he could nap a bit, but instead of napping he kept rolling from side to side and laughing. Exploring, 10 points - Napping, 0 points!

Anyway, later did get a chance to go for a walk and swing at the playground. He thought they had an amazing pool outside the house, but we explained to him that it was actually the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks for such a fun and relaxing Sunday friends! -Monica and Su and Danny

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