Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Five things I know...

5. Nine month old Danny is figuring me and Susanne out. I wonder if someday he’ll share with us what he knows?

4. When I hang up the phone I always say “See you soon.” Everybody else says “See you later”. It must be my audacity of hope.

3. That even though my wife and I have the same sized feet, we do not have the same shaped feet. This means that we can never wear each others Birkenstocks. Never. (I learned that the bloody hard way. Literally.)

2. When the financial markets are doing poorly, we’re simply “buying low”. The same $$ that comes out of our paychecks now buys more shares than before. And those additional shares will eventually be worth more—like for our retirement. Or so I assuage myself.

and...drumroll please...

1. That I really don’t want a blue bird of happiness to land on my shoulder. As romantic as that may sound, in reality, if any bird landed on my shoulder I’d probably die of a heart attack.


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