Monday, March 10, 2008

Snot gonna happen...

If only it were possible to temporarily remove Danny's nose from his face to give him saline drops or suction it out. Our poor boy has been super congested for about 3 days now. No fever, but lots of snot which we know has to keep moving. So we use the vaporizer, the Pedia Care plug ins etc...but sometimes you just have to reach for the saline spray and suction bulb

We've learned that Danny is very fast, very determined, and very much not in favor of us trying any of the things listed above.

He's like a awesome hockey goalie when it comes to blocking us. If we don't have his arms securely tucked under our armpits while bracing his beautiful little unhappy face, he's gotten both mitts up in time more than once. That while pinning him into a reverse quarter nelson. (Okay we don't really use wrestling holds on him.)

I've stayed home with him today and I think he seems to be breathing better. Let's hope so. One thing I'll say for Danny though, when he's sick, and you're not trying to shove strange things up his nose, he does tend to still be a smiley boy. Speaking of the smiley boy, I can hear him now just waking up from his nap so I guess I'll sign off.

Maybe we'll get him a Mr. Potato head for his birthday. He has a removable nose and seems quite happy with it! -Monica

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Jenni said...

Feel better Dan-O! We miss you! Hope you enjoyed your bonus day with Mommy, even if you weren't feeling your best.

Your friends Jenni and Oscar